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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

Unlimited Business Link

Our vision is to facilitate the creation of a community and voice for privately held business owners across New Zealand.

Privately held businesses (PHBs) are the backbone of the New Zealand economy, but often go unnoticed by the media, government and major service organisations. Although many belong to various business and networking organisations, they are not a cohesive group that has a ‘national voice’ or do they have anyone consistently championing their cause.

The Unlimited Business Link provides a platform for privately held business owners to communicate and share their challenges and stories so that they may learn or inspire other like-minded business owners.

The Unlimited Business Link presents a series of forums throughout the year that bring together a group of PHB owners to discuss their needs and aspirations, both personally and for their business.

The annual programme includes nine exclusive invitation-only forums across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, and concludes with the Great Debate.

To be part of the Unlimited Business Link community you can sign-up for the free newsletter, or to attend a forum please contact the event co-ordinator sian.sutton-walsh@fairfaxmedia.co.nz

The forums commenced in 2011 and the content that has been developed from the discussions at ea
ch can be found under the tab Business Link Articles.

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